Do you ever find that some of your radiators are not heating up as they used too? Do you ever find cold spots in the middle of the radiator? Or maybe your radiator is not heating up at all.

One word… SLUDGE

Sludge is a build up of oxidised and harmful materials in your heating system. Is causes boiler breakdown, faulty radiators, and very high energy bills.

A simple power flush from £450 can solve these problems. Our engineers come and assess the current condition of the heating system for free (3 mile radius), and will advice you on whether or not your system requires this state of the art process.

Our engineers attach a power flush machine along with a magna cleanse (extremely powerful magnets) and will run the heating system though, cleaning the residue and magnetised sludge, to allow for a better flow rate for the heating system.

The end result will be crystal clear, treated water for the heating system along with the best on the market ‘magna clean professional 2’ to maintain the cleanliness.